Make your accounting easier

My T improves your experience to handle the accounting of your company

We provide a quality tool that will help you organize your accounting, to make better the financial performance of your business or it your clients.

My T App for micro businesses

Greater efficiency and practicality

Artificial intelligence does its job with My T: We are an accounting software that is dedicated to processing your data easily and quickly. We have decades of experience in the accounting area, improving the task of the accounting professional.

Transfer all the work of the clients to My T, they will appreciate you having a practical and simple tool to manage the information related to the accounting of their company.

Why My T?

My T is designed for help accountants to process their clients’ financial records in record time. Collecting invoices, digitizing them, organizing data and more is a thing of the past. With My T it is only necessary take a photo of your invoices and this data will quickly be organized in a spreadsheet.

AI tools with an algorithm to optically recognize characters, give possibility to efficiently take data and convert it to an editable file. Manual uploads are no longer necessary and you can use your time to draw conclusions, make reports, and provide answers.

App for accountants My T
My T how it works

What is My T?

My T works with your smartphone, you only need to take an image of your company’s accounting record and upload it to our application. My T automatically sends the information to the server and the accountant accesses it immediately.

My T is a subscription service: Depending on the membership you choose, the data will be saved in the APP or transferred. My T can extract information from scans and images to a spreadsheet. Isn’t wonderfoul?

You no longer have to worry about sending invoices, My T will do it for you. Besides, our APP has a backup service in case you lose access to your smartphone.

With My T your accountant job is easy and quickly!

Artificial Intelligence Bookkeeping for Micro Businesses

What benefit does My T offer you?

How you can optimize your accounting work with My T?

My T adapts to your needs: our server has a spectacular capacity that can organize all information of your clients. Besides, our storage system is safe to handle the data of your companies, namely, we protect your data.

If you have several accounting clients, My T has in its administrative portal the possibility of organizing the information of each one of them to access and consult any detail in a practical and simple way.

Wherever you are, you can access your clients’ information: Our portal provides quick access anywhere in the world.

The artificial intelligence system with which My T is designed, allows you to digitize information in record time and convert it to spreadsheets for quick editing.

We have alert systems that allow to inform you of the payments that your clients must meet on the established dates, thus avoiding problems and delays.

Our App

Accounting professionals with years of experience have been the pillars for the creation of My T. We provide a solution for all our clients, we listen to them and attend to requests. We want this to be a building platform for the future development of a broader accounting solution.

Constant updates

Continuous updates and regular feature releases characterize our My T technical team. Forget about outdated applications! My T is always at the forefront

Simple and easy to use

We create the simplest and smoothest user experience on the market, that is why we designed My T while maintaining ease and simplicity. We seek to design a simple tool that increases the financial performance of your business.

My T App for Business

Customer Help & FAQs

  2. Invoice creation menu should pop up on your screen, fill in the data and choose the intended customer to send that invoice to

Note: if it’s a new customer, press the ‘Add’ button in the customer selection menu and fill in the data of the customer

  1. Created invoice is sent to customer’s e-mail address

Note: you do not need to send an invoice straight away, you can keep it initially as a draft, draft invoices will be kept in ‘Draft Invoices’ sidebar tab

  2. First, write the supplier name in the designated box
  3. Next, choose whether you want to take a photo or upload a file you have on your phone already
  4. After these steps, press ‘Submit’ and the invoice will be added to your files
  5. You are able to take a photo or upload a made photo from your phone, of any proof of expenditure (eg. Invoice, receipt, travel tickets, car park tickets etc)

Note: You can upload a file in: PDF, DOC, PPT,XLS, TXT formats

  1. In order to submit your statements click on BANK STATEMENTS/CIS icon
  2. Then choose, either Bank Statements or CIS, depending on whichever you want to upload
  3. Take or upload a photo using ‘Photo’ button or upload a file from your phone using ‘File’
  4. Finally, press ‘Submit’ to upload the attachment
  5. You can view your uploaded bank statements or CIS vouchers by going into ‘Bank Statements’ or ‘CIS’ tab

Note: You can take a photo of each document or upload documents in following formats: PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT formats

  1. Before you start your journey, click on MILEAGE icon then press Start.
  2. A ‘Meeting Description’ window opens and you must state the purpose and a nature of your travel
  3. Tick the ‘is Business Trip’ box if it is a business trip
  4. At the end of your journey press stop or pause (depending on the stage of the journey)

Note: You can always go back to your journey record to view the details of any driving you had made.

Accounting app that your clients will love!

My T is an APP specially designed for help you manage your companies’ information as an accountant; and provide your clients with a way to deliver the data to their accountants.

We offer top quality!

Make your customers happy with My T: The APP that uses AI to optimize the task of processing data.

Our features will help you and your clients to prosper by reducing the time spend processing data.

With My T:

movil app for accountants

Increase the effectiveness of your accounting work

Your customers' data will be safe and you can access them anywhere in the world.

Make massive transactions

Thanks to the data management capabilities of My T, you can carry out many transactions in a short time.

Run reports with your database

Use the data you store with My T to issue reports and later analyze them. Quick and easy.

Grow your business

Optimize your time with My T and watch your business grow.

My T and IA

We accompany your company in its digital transformation. Contact our agents at My T and receive information about our services, technological solutions and memberships for your accounting work. Today, accounting specialists receive data and process it (usually) in a computer system, which in turn generates more data and instructions. These instructions may consist of paying or issuing an invoice, the rest of the data being entered into a series of financial and management reports for analysis. These reports are archived or analyzed to make decisions about the future direction of a company or a product. All of this could sometimes mean that trends in that data can be repeated with different inputs or changed to reflect a change in the market. This is, of course, a very simplistic view of what a finance department does.

Choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

We offer you a free trial month so that you know and become familiar with all the tools My T has for you. There you can create invoices, upload lists, bank statements, CIS vouchers, among other functions.

Our memberships will offer you document analysis by artificial intelligence and other tools that will be totally at your disposal.

For a business or finance leader, it’s also important to know how you can do all of this more agile, with greater precision, with a deeper understanding, and at a lower cost.

This is where partake My T.

Our accounting tool does all this with the best precision on the market. Accountants have seen significant results in the growth of their clients’ businesses with My T.

Every day, more and more clients use My T as a tool to optimize your work.

If you are an accountant, think no more, install My T on your smartphone and choose the subscription service that best suits your needs.











about us My T

About us

My T is a subscription based service designed for freelancers and micro businesses. My T provides a way to keep track of your company’s finances on the go. Send and manage invoices and bills, keep track of your expenses and track your mileage. With help of My T app You and Your accountants have instant access to all the financial data about your company.

Why choose My T? From 1st April 2019, businesses with taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold must keep and preserve digital records and provide VAT returns using compatible software. My T will help customers keep digital record of their company in a simple way. Therefore, customers will have all their bookkeeping records in one place to comply with Making Tax Digital.